What is custom Screen printing

Screen printing is a technique used to make custom-designed T-shirts, koozies, bags and other products. During the screen printing process, a mesh-based stencil is used to apply ink to the item. Here’s a summary of the basic steps:

We take your artwork (or design it for you).

We create a film positive transparency of the artwork

Using the film positive, we create a screen. Each screen is made of polyester mesh stretched onto a frame (usually made of wood or aluminum). The screen is prepared by using emulsion (a light-sensitive liquid), the film positive, and a special light.

Your screen is inserted into the printing press, squeegees are locked in, and the ink is applied. Then your item is lined up in a perfectly flat position on the pallet.

The press raises the item to the screen, and the squeegees push ink through the openings in the mesh screen – printing your chosen design onto the item with ink.

The item is dried so the ink cures, and we’re done!


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