Using the right equipment

screen printing

To make the best screen printed products around, you need to use the best screen printing equipment. That’s why the T-shirt print shop at Standpoint uses M&R screen printed equipment that delivers the very best in color and precision. M&R is the world’s largest manufacturer of digital and screen printing equipment. From their roots as a maintenance and repair company for screen printers, M&R has since proven that they are the best and most reliable screen printing machine manufacturers.

Specifically, we use the versatile M&R Sportsman model – which features 10 heads and 8 color availability. This machine allows us to print 10 shirts at a time with up to 8 colors.


Our Tajima embroidery machines also provide exceptional results. Tajima’s first multi-head embroidery machine was invented in 1964, and since then they have grown a lot. They are now one of the leading commercial embroidery machine manufacturers in the world. 

Additionally, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art computers that enable our team to get the most out of our main equipment and to take custom screen printing to a whole new level of quality and excellence.


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