Many college students have a variety of t-shirts and other gear supporting the different areas and organizations they are associated with at their school. These groups could consist of athletic groups, Greek life, student organizations, university events, and school pride in general. In fact, a lot of college students have an entire drawer or closest section specifically for school-related clothing. 

At Standpoint Promotions, we offer a variety of options for your organization’s customized gear. Here a few groups that could benefit from custom-made products and why.


The best way to support your team is by wearing team merchandise. The most common is of course a t-shirt, but hats are great too. Anything that has your team’s logo or name, and of course colors, is the best thing to wear to a game. Just imagine the entire audience wearing purple and white!

The team can also get some customized gear. How about some team hats with the school logo, or embroidered gym bags to carry athletic equipment and uniform pieces? You could even get team shirts to wear to games or for pictures. At Standpoint, we can do it all.

greek life

All fraternities and sororities have specific greek letters that represent the group. Wearing a shirt or hat that bears these letters is a great way to show membership. It may even encourage others to ask about or look into the fraternity or sorority you’re supporting!

T-shirts are also great for recruitment, big/little reveals, events, and many more. Our graphic design team will work with you to design a shirt that reflects not only your group, but also the event that the shirt will be used for.

student organizations

Student organizations can benefit from custom apparel too. Like fraternities and sororities, having clothing from your organization helps to promote the group to other students as well as show that you’re proud to be in that group. It’s great to have matching shirts when attending school-sponsored events or even volunteer opportunities.

If your group does not already have a logo, our design team can help you create one that will look neat and professional on all of our products.

university events

The best way to get college students to attend events is to offer some kind of incentive. T-shirts work great. They show that a student participated in an event, and can help pique the interest of other students as to what the event was and if there will be any more in the future. 

T-shirts can also help promote different areas of the university and departments. It doesn’t just have to be just t-shirts either. Hats, bags, jackets, blankets, you name it, Standpoint has it!

There’s no better way to show school pride than through school apparel. Whether it’s a tank top, beanie, long sleeve or short sleeve shirt, wearing your school colors shows other people what school you go to and that you’re a proud student. Standpoint Promotions can work with your school to create stylish designs that will appeal to all students.

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