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horned frog pride

Home to nearly 10,000 undergraduates and 1500 post grads, TCU has a diverse history, rich in tradition and quality education as it applies to real life values. At the center of this tradition is the horned frog mascot.

The horned frog is both tough and tenacious, a symbol of the strength and resourcefulness of TCU students. During a purple-powered pep rally, these powerful qualities are exhibited with the huffing, puffing frog horn and the stadium donned in horned frog purple threads!

The horned frog family

Pride creates a sense of belonging among students and grads. School spirit is a reflection of the horned frog family, a powerful influence over TCU culture. Whether it’s spirit week on campus, or a corporate retreat, Standpoint is the best place to get quality horned frog swag for your internal campus organizations.

TCU campus life is both diverse and inclusive. Current students, those that are college bound, as well as alumni all have a chance to be a part of what creates the university experience. The common bond between these groups is most easily exhibited with fashionable, high quality garments that identify you as the proud horned frog you are on campus, at the game, or at your next networking event.

The frog family is both widespread and dynamic. With over 200 clubs and organizations that activate students to collaborate and lead, networking possibilities are made possible for years following graduation. This kind of support is second to none for current students and graduates.

At Standpoint, we admire and support the TCU mission to create a family like atmosphere that strives to serve the greater good. It is a privilege to align our family with the TCU family and continue toward a commitment to quality that encourages positivity!

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